Extra Activities

Music and Dance

Here at Poppets we think that there is more that we can give to help you the parent but especially your children to develop and grow. To that end we aim to provide regular dance instruction and music lessons with qualified teachers who are brought in especially for the role.  Both these extra activities have been proved to inspire the youngest of children in all manner of things, whether it be social interaction, artistic development and even surprisingly mathematics. We think it gives them another ‘string to their bow’ and an introduction to the joy of music and dance


On alternate weeks, Jo from Dancemania attends Poppets to get all our children jumping and jiving.  Join Jo and Melody Bear for their adventures and stories, Princess’s, Soldiers, Fairies, Frogs.. what will it be today.

Moulin a Paroles

Fun French for little chatterboxes. Lisa joins us Monday & Tuesday mornings in our Rising Star’s room to teach the children the joys of a foreign language. Themes are changed each term to give the children a variety of interesting topics.

Tiny Sing – Workshops

Music classes for babies & tots. Come and join in with Amy, every fortnight, for the Tiny Sing workshops. Loads of intereactive fun with bubbles, puppets, instruments, dancing, bouncy balls and lots of fab music and singing.

If you would like to book an additional session for your child to attend Dancemania, Moulin a Paroles or Tiny Sing, please contact the office.

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