Menus, Preparation and Health

We all know a nutritionally balanced diet is essential to ensure children get the vitamins and energy that will support not only their activities throughout the day but their development in these crucial first years. We at ‘Poppets’ take our responsibility very seriously and provide our children with breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and high tea, all prepared in our on-site kitchen by a dedicated chef. In addition we realise that hydration is important for brain development and general health and we have water available throughout the day.

Our chef, along with the management team, creates a healthy menu that runs for 4 weeks at a time and includes as many seasonal ingredients and local produce as we can. We plan to use the local market in Ongar to take some of the children to buy their own food and even to grow their own in our garden vegetable patch before harvesting the produce and using it in the meals prepared for them. You can see an example of the menu below.

Of course many little ones have specific dietary needs and we will adapt our menus accordingly, including catering for severe allergies and intolerances. As well as the chef having a noticeboard highlighting the child, the requirement and the actions in event of reaction, all the staff throughout the setting are aware of each child’s needs. We also provide dedicated plates and cutlery for those who need individual care.

Having so much fresh produce means that we can also minimise the amount of salt, sugar and preservatives prevalent in so much of the supermarket pre-prepared food these days. We are confident that we are giving the best diet possible for everyone here.

At Poppets we would like our children to appreciate and understand the social aspect of mealtimes and so we eat as a group. We use this time to promote good table manners, conversation and enjoyment of the ‘shared experience’.

We encourage the children, especially the older ones, to join in with setting the table and clearing away after meals. We promote active participation and will occasionally involve the children in the preparation of their own food, which will then be cooked in the kitchen for lunch or eaten as snacks. We find this is a wonderful way to introduce this crucial life skill and something the kids can really enjoy and develop as they mature.

We know what it means to have a healthy lifestyle. We provide the best food, ingredients and preparation that we can,to help your children live life to the full.


Poppets Day Nursery

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